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Hear what people are saying about Loyalty Fitness Virtual Training and be sure to book your session with us today!
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Loyalty Fitness

Hear what everyone’s saying about Loyalty Fitness and be sure to book your free session with us today!

Weight loss challenge winner down 20.2lbs and won 2 free months of personal training!

Loyalty Fitness has been there for me at very important moments. First prehab for a knee replacement, then rehab afterward. Most recently, the weight loss challenge kicked me into gear after New Year’s. The workouts, encouragement, and accountability have made the difference. Going from XL to L feels as good as it looks. Winning is… Read more “Weight loss challenge winner down 20.2lbs and won 2 free months of personal training!”

2021 Weight loss challenge winner

Thank Goodness for Loyalty Fitness

I am a senior citizen concerned about staying strong, who really doesn’t like to exercise!!!Loyalty Fitness has been my savior! I used to fall frequently and now because I am stronger I am able to control my steps. It is a very comfortable and safe environment. Kudos to Che and Mindy. They are the kindness… Read more “Thank Goodness for Loyalty Fitness”

Cathie. Perna

I can’t say enough about how Loyalty Fitness is helping me!

older woman showing muscles after strength training

I am a 71 year old female with severe osteoarthritis. I had my hip replaced and I have knees that snap, crackle and pop. I have osteopenia in certain parts of my body I try my best to stay active and try to avoid taking meds if possible. By going to Loyalty Fitness and doing… Read more “I can’t say enough about how Loyalty Fitness is helping me!”

Linda Boyd


I love loyalty fitness! I love playing tons of sports, and my 43 year old body was getting hurt too often. Loyalty fitness changed all that! I’m stronger, able to play all of my sports so much better and best of all, I’m not getting hurt anymore! Thank you Mindy Che and Jean!! ❤️

Marisa Noel briwn

I’m playing tennis again (and I’m stronger than ever)!

I came to Loyalty with a chronic case of tennis elbow. My chiropractor said I needed to get stronger. Luckily I was able to keep working on my fitness during the pandemic, first virtually with Che, one of Loyalty’s excellent trainers, and now back in the gym since its reopening. Che is incredibly knowledgeable and… Read more “I’m playing tennis again (and I’m stronger than ever)!”

Elise Lemire

House Arrest – Try Virtual Training

New Yorkers and anyone else who is stuck in your house or “house arrest” as I have started calling it please do yourself a favor and train with these wonderful ladies!!! Not only does it take your mind off of whats going on outside our doors it gives you energy to tackle some of those… Read more “House Arrest – Try Virtual Training”

Kathleen Price

Best workout!!!!

I absolutely LOVE loyalty fitness!! I started going to loyalty fitness in February and I’ve always had trouble being consistent with a gym until now! I have seen amazing results, I am so happy with the way I look, and the muscle I’ve gained. All of the trainers are amazing. They are very helpful, push… Read more “Best workout!!!!”

Alexis Weinberg

The best work out ever

I love the work out. I feel great.

Suzette Armadoros

The trainers are incredibly kind, thorough, and knowledgeable

I was skeptical, but Mindy sold me on the idea to give the slow and intense workout a try. I warned her not to be offended if I didn’t stay long as I only work out in short phases. Well, almost two years later, I am still here. This is by far the longest phase I have ever maintained. Read more “The trainers are incredibly kind, thorough, and knowledgeable”

Kim Gilsenan

I was skeptical…

I was skeptical when my sister insisted that I go to Loyalty Fitness. She said it would change my life. And it has! I feel healthier, stronger and more energetic than I have in years. Thanks, Lisa. You’re the best!

Marren Simmons

72 Years Old and Feeling Like 49

woman hiking on path in front of tall rocky mountaintop

My husband kept encouraging me to join Loyalty Fitness, and I finally did. Great decision! My knee issue is resolved, and I am getting steadily stronger. I love the challenge that the SuperSlow Strength training method presents as well as the guidance I receive to help me shed some pounds at the same time. Read more “72 Years Old and Feeling Like 49”

Zivart S. House

I look foward to my workouts!!

I am a 66 yr old female, I have had some bone loss so I am working with lifting weights to keep my bones and balance strong in a safe way. I find it easier to commit myself to working out on a weekly basis one on one with a personal trainer than doing it… Read more “I look foward to my workouts!!”

Sandra C. Bonadonna

Love this workout!

Finally I feel like there is an exercise program that I feel confident doing as well as getting great results! My trainer, Lisa, is wonderful! She is very motivating and makes my workout enjoyable!

Beverly Fortune

I am moving forward, reaching toward more of my health and fitness goals and confident Loyalty Fitness will be there to help me achieve them.

Kathleen Price

I had a few rough years, from 2015-2017 which brought on a lot of emotional eating and weight gain. I went through a double knee surgery, relationship issues, lost my job, diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a tumor. Read more “I am moving forward, reaching toward more of my health and fitness goals and confident Loyalty Fitness will be there to help me achieve them.”

Kathleen Price

At eighty years old, I am delighted with the way my physique has developed with the SuperSlow strength training workouts. 

I started working out with weights when I was sixteen. I’m eighty now and still interested in staying fit, but I became fed up after getting too many injuries working out the conventional way at a local fitness facility. Read more “At eighty years old, I am delighted with the way my physique has developed with the SuperSlow strength training workouts. “

Dave House

I’ll never go back to a “regular” gym again!

Brian enjoyed traditional strength training in a gym but once he hit his 40s, his joints could no longer take the abuse. Read more “I’ll never go back to a “regular” gym again!”

Brian Atkin

I am totally sold on Loyalty Fitness and its unique and scientifically proven method

As a physician specializing in Internal Medicine, I see many middle-aged and older patients who suffer from sarcopenia or aged related loss of skeletal muscle mass muscle, and its health-related consequences. Read more “I am totally sold on Loyalty Fitness and its unique and scientifically proven method”

Gail Fennell, MD

Fun to be fit!

Mindy has been in this business for a long time and loves sharing her knowledge about health and nutrition. If you are lucky enough to live near Loyalty Fitness, please take the chance to see what you can learn! Mindy makes it fun to be fit!

Cinnamin Piggott

Best Shape of My Life

Loyalty Fitness has been the best thing that has happened to me since my children. I have never looked better at age 44. . Every staff member is amazing and I can’t wait to get to my appointments. I had an injury and they were able to work around that beautifully. LF is outstanding.

Alethea Kessler

Personal one-on-one attention

As a woman in her 60’s, I find working out to be a challenging task. Since starting working out with Mindy at Loyalty Fitness, I have become comfortable due to her personal one-on-one attention and care. Mindy goes above and beyond to ensure that I feel well during my workout sessions and is aware of… Read more “Personal one-on-one attention”

Linda Briese

Amazing workouts!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mindy and Loyalty Fitness! I absolutely love my one-on-one personal training sessions and look forward to them every week! Mindy is knowledgeable, patient and motivating. I love the personal attention I receive from Mindy and the fact that there are no distractions during my session. Mindy takes personal… Read more “Amazing workouts!”

Jennifer Wagner

Quick Results!

Lisa has been my trainer for the past three and half years. I have seen amazing results, gaining strength, and an increase in my bone density. I highly recommend the super slow method!!!! Professional, caring trainers….thank you Loyalty Fitness!!!!

Ronda S

Efficient and Effective

I am delighted to have found Loyalty fitness in Greenwich CT. This form of exercise fits me perfectly, see the title, and Mindy runs a wonderful, beautiful, clean, spacious studio. The time is used well and amazingly, I never get bored. The trainer and I work at this together with an adjustment here and there… Read more “Efficient and Effective”

Susan Fisher

Let me make you aware of a service you will greatly appreciate

Allow me to bring a smile to your face as I make you aware of a service that you would greatly appreciate. The past six months I’ve been attending Loyalty Fitness in Greenwich, CT. This program “Strengthens your muscles” and helps you reach your health and fitness goals, with only a couple of ½ hour… Read more “Let me make you aware of a service you will greatly appreciate”

Gene Zelanzy

Change your life

As a child I was as my siblings called me a “sissy”. I rode my bike down hills with the brakes on and was the last chosen for teams. In Jr. & Sr. High I did all I could to avoid gym class. I joined the AV squad so I could run movies instead of… Read more “Change your life”


I highly recommend this program

Since I have been training with Mindy, I have increased my Core Strength & Balance. Hitting the Golf Ball further than I have in the past 5 years. I highly recommend her program.  

Max J Gomez

Just Amazing

Mindy and all of the trainers here are absolutely amazing! It’s crazy how great of results you achieve in just 30 minutes, twice per week working with this team. They are great motivators and truly get you the results YOU want in half the time. I recommend anyone in the area to try them out!… Read more “Just Amazing”

Joseph Snyder

A better way to train!

I have been working out for a while and thought I knew about strength training, I was wrong. Loyalty Fitness taught me an entirely new way to train. The super slow method was brand new to me, but the trainers are super knowledgeable and encouraging. I could feel the difference in my first session. The… Read more “A better way to train!”


Game-Changing Fitness Workout – Loyalty Fitness in Syosset

If you’re looking to build muscle, wake up your metabolism, increase stamina and lose weight, check out Loyalty-Fitness in Syosset. In just two 30-minute sessions per week, you will achieve fitness enhancements that you never anticipated. I highly recommend Loyalty-Fitness for anyone looking for professional trainers in a professional environment with cutting-edge equipment.

Diane McIlree

Super Slow…Super Good….Super Results

I have been doing “slow system” strength training for years: gradually moving intense weight to build muscle tone, endurance, and stamina. When my trainer moved away, I tried Loyalty Fitness. Its terrific! All of the trainers are skilled in crafting individualized programs, the schedule is flexible, and the 30-minute sessions are highly productive. Its a… Read more “Super Slow…Super Good….Super Results”

Joellyn Gray

Loyalty Fitness Has Terrific Trainers

The trainers are great at tailoring a workout to maximize your time spent in the gym to get the best results!

Janine Larkin

Amazing Team!!

Jean and Mindy are amazing very committed to their clients! And you will quickly see changes in your body, I look forward to our workout sessions and will only train with them, top notch trainers!

Dora Cp

Feeling old, tired, and out of shape, I turned to Loyalty Fitness

David has increased his strength dramatically, which is noticeable in everything he does. Read more “Feeling old, tired, and out of shape, I turned to Loyalty Fitness”

David Yang

I am in my best shape in decades, certainly happier, and looking to the future with confidence.

For 23 years I lived with crippling knee pain. Loyalty Fitness strength training changed my life, both before knee replacement surgery and afterwards. Read more “I am in my best shape in decades, certainly happier, and looking to the future with confidence.”

Marjorie R. Smith

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