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Marren S. Syosset Personal Training Client

Marren S. – Syosset Personal Training Client

Years ago, my sister told me she was seeing a personal trainer and she was loving the experience. I was skeptical at first, but the more she told me about it, the more interested I became.

Well, it’s now six years later and Loyalty Fitness and the slow strength training routines they employ have changed my life!

I used to dread lugging the groceries in from the car. The crates of water, in particular, were just too heavy. Now they are no problem at all.

Walking up and down the stairs was always a struggle and very hard on my knees. Now I can navigate flights of stairs with ease.

My neck and my shoulders were always a problem. The ache was constant. Now that is no longer an issue for me.

Thanks to Lisa and Loyalty Fitness, I am stronger, more active and more self-sufficient than I was years ago. I live alone and I’m no longer concerned about my independence.

When the pandemic hit, my sister and I switched to virtual sessions. Our training with Lisa continued without missing a beat. It kept us in shape, both physically and mentally. Now I’m back at the studio. My sister is still virtual, though, because she moved to Arizona.

We are both sticking with Loyalty Fitness because it works!