Improving Lives

Guaranteed Results

Reshape your Body in as little as 30 minutes, twice a week

Improving Lives

Guaranteed Results

Reshape your body in as little as 30 minutes, twice a week!


One-on-one Private Personal Training

Finding the time and motivation to exercise can be difficult, and most people don’t know the most effective kinds of exercise and nutrition. That is where we can help! Our unique one-on-one fitness method is proven to get results in as little as 30 minutes 1 or 2 times a week.

  • Private
  • One on one
  • A scientifically proven training method
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • State-of-the-art equipment

Our super-slow strength training is a scientifically proven method that is safe and effective! Our certified personal trainers in Greenwich, CT and Syosset, NY work with you one-on-one in an ideal, private environment.  We focus 100% on you to get amazing results and reach your goals. And our trainers understand the physical challenges faced by seniors as well as pregnant women, so we can improve their fitness efficiently and safely. Check out some of the testimonials of Loyalty Fitness clients who have found great success with our super slow weight training method.



Private Setting

Our private studio is set up to focus on you. Our personalized programs mean you will get the best one-on-one fitness training and the optimal results

Trainers Who Care

Your experience and goals are our main focus. We provide personalized programs using our scientifically proven slow-motion strength training method.

Training Expertise

Our personal trainers have over 10 years of experience, are nationally certified in corrective exercise, and specialize in slow motion strength training.

What Loyalty Fitness Can Do For You

Improve and enhance muscle tone and body shape

Add calorie-burning lean muscle tissue to the body

Increase metabolism – burn more calories even while sleeping

Increase endurance, stamina and energy

Improve cardiovascular fitness

Halt and reverse age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia)

Increase bone density for stronger bones

Reverse aging of muscle cells

Lower Blood Pressure

Reduce Low Back Pain

Help control blood sugar

Improve immune system

Help manage stress, anxiety, depression


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Our trainers are certified in personal training and corrective exercise, specializing in scientific based resistance training. We look forward to meeting with you at either of our two private studios in Greenwich, CT or Syosset, NY.

We guarantee results in as little as 30 minutes, twice a week, or your money back!

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We’re ready to help you along the way. If you’d like more information, fill out the form below and one of our expert trainers in Long Island, NY or Greenwich, CT will be in touch to set up your first session!

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