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Why is Super Slow Strength Training Better Than Traditional Methods?

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Super Slow Strength Training

If you’re like many people searching for the perfect fitness routine, you may not immediately be drawn to strength training. Thoughts of burly, sweaty dudes grunting and slinging massive amounts of weight around can be intimidating and turn people away from this incredibly effective method of fitness. People assume that strength training is also synonymous with injury and stress on the body, but that is not the case! At Loyalty Fitness, we focus on super-slow strength training to give you long-lasting results without the stress that traditional weightlifting can put on the body.

Super-slow weight training is a scientifically proven method that is safe and effective! This method was originally developed in the 1980s during a weight training study at the University of Florida. Researchers focused on their knowledge of mechanical physics to devise a more efficient way to load and exercise muscles. What they came up with was super-slow strength training! This effective method was shown to not only decrease fat but increase the average metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories while at rest. YES that means you burn more calories just by sitting at your chair at work or during your drive to work! It also showed that people could more effectively increase their cardiovascular stamina and efficiency.


How Does Super Slow Strength Training Work?

Despite its name, super-slow strength training is quick and quite different from regular strength training. With slow motion training, it’s very demanding on the body’s systems for a short period of time and should be done infrequently. If you think of the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) method, this is basically how super-slow strength training works. You work very hard for a short period of time, ideally approximately 30 minutes, and your body reaps the benefits.

Super-slow strength training focuses on quick bursts of intensity instead of longer periods of sustained activity. Optimal workouts are intense and relatively brief and practiced no more than twice a week. In fact, participants see better results when they participate in super-slow strength training twice a week for 30 minutes a session, instead of four hours a week over seven days.

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Another great thing that our clients specifically love about super-slow strength training is that it’s safer than other traditional strength training methods. While this method is high intensity, it is also low force, so it puts less unintended stress on the body. Super-slow strength training involves practicing repetitive movements with added resistance as slowly as possible.

While it is expected to be high intensity and efficient, it’s not speedy. Moving slowly reduces force on the body and, in turn, saves your joints from being damaged. Super-slow strength training is great for those recovering from a previous injury or those who deal with chronic joint issues because it strengthens the muscles that support the joints without causing additional wear and tear.


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Personal Training For Seniors

Did you know that super-slow strength training is a great exercise method for older adults? Our scientifically proven method is safer on the joints, lowers blood pressure, increases bone density, increases stamina, and so much more. Loyalty Fitness provides personal training for seniors that will greatly improve overall health and fitness!

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