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Congratulations to Zivart House, winner of the Loyalty Fitness 2019 Weight Loss Challenge! The challenge ran from September 1st through December 31st. It’s a difficult task to stay disciplined through the holiday season, but Zivart crushed it! She lost 20.4lbs and a total of 24.2 inches. Working with our personal trainers Che and Jean, Zivart went all in on our super-slow strength training method while maintaining a healthy diet and certainly saw the results she was hoping for. Read all about Zivart’s journey on this challenge and the self discipline it took for her to reach her goals, and ultimately be crowned the winner of our weight loss challenge! Be sure to reach out to our team today for details on our next challenge, and how you can get started working with a Loyalty Fitness trainer!

It was a challenge, indeed! The timing was pretty tricky having to deal with Thanksgiving and Christmas, each involving a grand dining occasion!


As an achievement-oriented person, I welcomed the challenge. Preceding the competition, when I first joined Loyalty Fitness about eighteen months ago, I created an Excel spreadsheet to capture my calorie intake in an effort to control my weight. I shared the spreadsheet with Mindy, and she suggested that I use Myfitnesspal instead. What a great suggestion! It saved me a lot of time and gave me a set of reports that I could use to review my calorie and protein intake and much more. I used it for a while, but unfortunately, competing with myself was not enough motivation to sustain my efforts.


Then came the Weight Loss Challenge that began on September 1st, and that was a whole new ballgame. I made few commitments to myself. First, I would not deprive myself of the joy of dinning out; entertaining family and friends at home; and enjoying deserts, chocolate, wine etc. So, what did I do? I applied the budgeting concept. I made sure that if we were going to dine out or entertain, I would manage my calories accordingly the day before or the day of the event or perhaps the day after the event. Second, I applied the concept of moderation. I enjoyed everything but in moderation. One might want to call it portion control. I do not believe in strictly following any particular diet; that is just not my style. Third, Myfitnesspal became my best friend. I steadfastly record my calorie intake after every meal, including the healthy snacks between meals. Fourth, I took up my old cardio regimen. In addition to my Loyalty Fitness workouts, I started going to another gym a couple of times a week to workout on the treadmill, elliptical and stepper. Finally, I keep a weekly record of my weight on a spreadsheet. Every Tuesday and Friday, I weighed myself only at Loyalty Fitness and recorded my weight on the spreadsheet.


All this required determined self-discipline. I prepared myself mentally for the four-month competition, and I was up to the challenge. Like riding out a storm, I was able to successfully manage numerous birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, Christmas and dining out several times a month. Each month, I enjoyed the results of my effort. I started shopping in my closet for smaller sizes. What a joy that was!


It is remarkable, how my measurements changed, I lost a total of 24.2 inches! Some of my friends started calling me their “skinny friend,” and I loved it. Now, I have the challenge of maintaining the discipline that I applied to win the competition by losing 20.4 pounds. As a tennis player, I remember Jimmy Connor saying in an interview that it is easier to become number one than to remain number one. Thank you, Mindy, for creating the challenge and introducing me to Myfitnesspal, and thank you, Jean and Che, for your support and ongoing interest in my accomplishment!


Loyalty Fitness, you have my loyalty for sure!

Zivart House
Weight Loss Challenge Winner
Loyalty Fitness, Greenwich, Connecticut

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