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Client of the Month – Marjorie R. Smith

by | May 15, 2018 | Client of the Month

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Meet Marjorie R. Smith, the Loyalty Fitness Client of the Month for May 2018. Marjorie is 68 years young and works with the personal trainers at our Greenwich, CT fitness studio. Thank you for sharing your story, Marjorie!


For 23 years I had crippling knee pain. Finally had double knee replace, March 2016. Both knees replaced. Loyalty Fitness strength training changed my life, both before knee replacement surgery and afterwards.

The “pre-hab” regimen at Loyalty Fitness got all my muscles, especially those supporting my knees and legs, strengthened and ready for surgery. Not only stronger muscles, but also the increased strength helped ease the pain. The super slow approach just works wonders without causing further knee damage. It also got my body ready for new knees. All this was done in collaboration with my surgeon (who was just magical!).

Then, following double knee replacement, the Loyalty Fitness SUPER SLOW STRENGTH TRAINING became a critical element of my rehab. Those twice a week, 20 minute sessions made my rehab very successful. My recovery and strength training at Loyalty Fitness is miraculous. Here’s a look at what I mean. Leg press before surgery: 110 lbs. After surgery: 180 lbs. Today walking feels like walking on air. Calves, supportive muscles around my knees, quads, glutes all much stronger. And child-like balance has returned.

Today, two years post-surgery, and with twice-weekly 20-minute sessions, I now carry on a very active life, with full mobility, and NO PAIN! And now can walk three to eight miles a day! (Yeah–and with no pain!)

I am in my best shape in decades, certainly happier, and looking to the future with confidence.

No matter your issue: back, knees, hips, whatever, the Loyalty Fitness program is always tailored to your specific issue. It is truly individual, but with a remarkable and logical concept of muscle strength, which underpins every movement we make all day. It changed my life. It will change yours.

I am a happy, happy camper with Loyalty Fitness.


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