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As a child I was as my siblings called me a “sissy”. I rode my bike down hills with the brakes on and was the last chosen for teams. In Jr. & Sr. High I did all I could to avoid gym class. I joined the AV squad so I could run movies instead of gym class. In my 40’s I joined Curves and had success then they went out of business. I tried gyms but didn’t really feel comfortable with all the other people around. I got a job in Manhattan and did a lot of walking which helped keep my body in check till the knees went and all the weight and extra came back. I was looking for a personal trainer with the 30 minutes convenience of Curves. I received a flyer from Loyalty Fitness and realized my prayers had been answered. Mindy and Lisa are both fantastic. They get to know you and create a workout that conforms to your strengths & weaknesses (which decrease). After every visit you feel better and more confident. If you are on the fence about working out and personal training or are not hitting your goals give these ladies a try. They will change your life!!!