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I had a few rough years, from 2015-2017 which brought on a lot of emotional eating and weight gain.

I went through a double knee surgery, relationship issues, lost my job, diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a tumor. I started going through chemo, had a hysterectomy, followed by more chemo. I was given a clean bill of health at the end of 2017.

Along with the emotional eating due to the stress of the past few years, there were also several medications I was on that led to more weight gain. My body was not looking the way I wanted it to and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without crying, one day I felt my size 16 jeans were very tight and I refused to go to the next size!

During this hectic time in my life I received a flyer from Loyalty Fitness, I had done something similar years ago and had success, so I thought I would give it a try.

In less than 6 months I’ve lost over 15 pounds and I’m down almost 10 inches and wearing a SMALLER SIZE! I see muscles in my arms and legs and my emotional state of mind has greatly improved.

I am moving forward, reaching toward more of my health and fitness goals and confident Loyalty Fitness will be there to help me achieve them.