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3 Tips for Women to Get in Shape in Their 50s

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Fitness for Older Adults, Health, Personal Training

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As we age, so many things change in our lifestyles as well as our bodies that make keeping our figure a little more difficult. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it! Improving your physical fitness and eating a healthy diet are key components to help keep you feeling fit and young.

Strength Training at 50 and Beyond

When we say “strength training” do you automatically think about a big bulky man or woman who is putting too much stress on their joints? That is not what will happen to you here! One of the most common misconceptions around strength training is that it will make you look masculine and bulky while putting too much stress on your joints. However, it’s actually the opposite. Strength training helps you look lean, healthy, and strong.

There is a great option available to alleviate your fears: super slow strength training. Our super slow strength training method is low impact, which means that it puts less stress on your joints than traditional methods. This type of training will help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass, improve your balance and stability, and even help to strengthen your bones and help prevent osteoporosis.

Strength training is not only important for our bodies, but also for our brains! A recent study followed a group of women for 44 years to see if there was a correlation between physical fitness and the likeliness of being diagnosed with dementia. Researchers found that the middle-aged women who had a higher level of fitness delayed the onset of dementia by 9.5 years.

It’s essential to add strength training to your fitness routine as you age, and the best part about super slow strength training is that you don’t have to commit to hours in the gym each week. Two 30-minute sessions a week with an experienced trainer like the team at Loyalty Fitness will give your body and mind all of the benefits.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet as We Age

From nutrient deficiencies to quality of life, there are so many reasons why healthy eating is important! It’s essential in helping to ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals that will support your health as you age. Try adding a few of these to your diet this week:

Calcium and Vitamin D

These are two essential nutrients that help maintain bone health. Calcium-rich foods include dark green leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, almonds, oatmeal.

Vitamin D is essential to help your body absorb calcium. Sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, such as salmon, eggs, mushrooms, and fortified yogurt. If you take a calcium supplement or multivitamin, choose one that contains vitamin D and remember to get outside in the sunlight!

Vitamin B12

B12 helps in the creation of healthy red-blood cells and keeps nerve cells healthy. It can be found in lean meat, fish and seafood.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is important for digestion, and it also may help lower your risk for heart disease and reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes. It can be found in oatmeal, beans, peas, and lentils.


One of the most beneficial minerals, potassium may help lower your risk of high blood pressure, possibly protect you from stroke, and may prevent kidney stones and osteoporosis. Fruits, vegetables, and are all great sources of potassium.


Extremely beneficial for hormonal health, this mineral not only manufactures estrogen and testosterone, it also manages the effects of progesterone on the central nervous system which is beneficial for PMS, migraines and menopause. In addition to these benefits, magnesium helps support the immune system by allowing our bodies to properly convert vitamin D. Some magnesium-rich foods include guacamole, tofu, whole grains, bananas, leafy greens, salmon, and nuts and legumes.

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Going to the gym at any age requires a bit of a pep talk. Overcrowding, dirty machines, and the social scene are just a few of the many reasons that might deter you from going to your typical chain fitness center. This is the perfect time in your life to work with a private personal trainer instead of dealing with a “fashion show” when you just want to get healthy and fit.

At Loyalty Fitness we created the ideal alternative to the usual gym—it’s just you and your certified personal trainer in our private fitness studio. Each strength training machine is cleaned and set up perfectly for you, so there’s no need to guess how the machine works or what weight is right for you. Your personal trainer shows you each workout and watches as you perform each movement to ensure that you are getting the most benefit out of that particular exercise. They will also correct your form so that you won’t injure yourself. We know your time is valuable, so we customize your workout and nutrition guidance to fit your body’s needs and maximize the benefits.

To learn more about how Loyalty Fitness can help you with all your fitness needs, try a free session at our private fitness studio in Greenwich, CT or Syosset, NY today!

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