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5 Benefits to Working With a Personal Trainer

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Personal Training

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When thinking about how to reach your health and fitness goals, you should absolutely consider working with a personal trainer! We hire experts for so many things, from medical care to landscaping and car maintenance – it should be a no-brainer to hire a fitness expert to help you get in shape. Personal trainers are so much more than someone who is there just to watch you work out.

Expert Guidance

One of the main reasons to consider working out with a personal trainer is that they are experts at exercise! All of our Loyalty Fitness trainers are certified in several areas of fitness, including superslow strength training. Certification ensures that instructors know how to keep you safe as you exercise. It also means that they have advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and exercise science. This is important because it allows our trainers to tailor each workout to your individual abilities and personalized goals.

Critical Support

Working out with a certified personal trainer helps reduce your risk of injury. By having one-on-one attention, they are constantly watching and correcting your form. They also know the modifications that can be made to certain exercises for those who are dealing with past injuries or medical issues.

Personal trainers also take the intimidation out of working out. For anyone who isn’t sure how to perform an exercise or use a specific machine, they are there not only to show you how, but they are there to make sure you are engaging the correct muscles to get the best results from each exercise. A good personal trainer will make sure that you are working towards attainable goals that are right for your body and fitness level.

Extra Motivation

Trainers can provide the extra encouragement, energy and motivation you need to get you through your workout. There is someone in charge of counting your reps, watching your time and your form, which gives you the ability to really focus and get the most out of every single exercise you do. They’re also there to call you out when you’re not working out as hard as you should be, or they will cheer you on to get you through that last really hard push.


Working out by yourself can get old! When you train with a personal trainer it’s like getting a fitness instructor, nutritionist and life coach all in one! Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but working with a trainer who you like and respect can provide you with more gratification from your workouts. They help support you in your goals and they’ll challenge you and keep things interesting. Personal trainers are also going to be your biggest cheerleaders because your success is their success.


We’ve all been there – that moment when you know you should work out, but you really don’t feel like it. A good personal trainer will help to hold you accountable. When you have a scheduled appointment to work out, you are more likely to make it happen! Personal trainers also help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. With check points along the way, they’re there to make sure you’re on track; and if not, they help you correct the course and achieve the goals you’ve been working towards.

Personal trainers are not only great at keeping you accountable with your workouts, they can also help you with a personalized plan for nutrition. Having someone there to suggest new recipes or food substitutions can be a huge help when improving your diet.

Loyalty Fitness Personal Trainers are committed to helping you form healthy habits through fitness and nutrition. Contact us today to book your free session and see how working with a personal trainer really can transform your work out!

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