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by | Apr 19, 2018 | Personal Training

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With the range of fitness centers, big chain gyms, and specialized programming available, you might be wondering what sets Loyalty Fitness apart? When it comes to our clients, we make sure that the focus is on you, 100 percent of the time. Our research-proven training method is made for everyone no matter your previous exercise experience or injury. But that’s not the only reason Loyalty Fitness is a cut above the rest of the fitness programs on the market.


Loyalty Fitness is home to a staff of fully certified professional trainers with extensive backgrounds in fitness as well as corrective exercise. Our trainers work one on one with our clients to ensure that you receive 100 percent attention during your training session. A client will never set up their own state-of-the-art equipment, your trainer is there to make sure it is set up and ready for you to workout. Loyalty Fitness is like the fine dining of personal training!



The training method we use was developed in the 1980s to help reverse and prevent osteoporosis. Our method is safe for nearly anyone to use including those that have suffered previous injuries or gone through surgeries. We can modify any exercise to cater to your specific needs or injuries. We use the SuperSlow technique of strength training, which is high-intensity but low force. This method employs slow lifting where the lift portion of the exercise spans 10 seconds and the release of the exercise spans 10 seconds. This method has seen clients gain strength 50 percent faster than traditional methods!



We offer a safe exercise program that is also effective. Our methods are scientifically proven. On average, our clients see at least a 50 percent improvement in their bodies compared with the results they’d experience with traditional strength training. SuperSlow strength training improves tone, body composition, metabolism, and strengthens bones.



Stop spending hours at the gym when you don’t have to. We typically save our clients over two hours every week because our method is so efficient. Our method is proven to show you results in as little as 1 to 2 sessions a week at 30 minutes each. That’s efficient! And you don’t have to take the risk of going to a crowded gym. You’ll work with a personal trainer one-on-one in our private fitness studio. Better yet, try a virtual workout online. Our personal trainers will guide you through super slow strength training during live video chat so you can build muscle from the comfort of your own home.



On average, our clients pay 40% less per month in comparison to other personal training companies. Why waste money? Many big chain gyms operate on the assumption that you’ll continue to pay them each month but stop showing up. No matter how low that monthly payment is, you’re still burning money. With our training method, you’ll get an efficient and effective workout for less money and we won’t let you just stop coming and continue to charge you!

If you’d like to find out more about our method, or to schedule an introductory session, contact us today!

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