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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Personal Training

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Personal Training

We’ve all been there- you head to the gym, find your favorite piece of equipment, get ready to start your workout and then someone comes and starts working out right next to you even though there are plenty of other machines. This action could stir up different reactions: 1) You ignore them because you’re only competing against yourself, 2) It might encourage you to train harder, or 3) It might annoy you so much that you get discouraged and end your workout early. If like most people your reaction is #3, don’t despair, there is another option- Personal Training!


Break Out of the Big Box Gym

When you choose a boutique fitness studio like Loyalty Fitness, you’re not in a big box gym. This personalized option means you’re not side-by-side with grunting bodybuilders or fighting to use equipment that you need. Your scheduled time is one-on-one with a personal trainer, which means there are none of the typical gym distractions. The goal of each session is to become stronger, do better than you did last week, and work on becoming a healthier version of yourself.


Put the Personal Back into Personal Training

It sounds silly, but you’ve probably seen it happen at those big gyms. You pay extra for a session with a personal trainer, but their attention is everywhere else. Or you’re in a 20-person exercise class and have no idea if you’re doing the workout correctly. That’s never the case with personal training like the sessions at Loyalty Fitness! Our certified personal trainers are highly focused on your individual needs because we really are a private one-on-one studio. You are the only client training during your time slot and every exercise is chosen and modified to your body and ability. Want to try something new? Just ask! Our trainers are dedicated to keeping your workouts enjoyable while also increasing your fitness ability.


Avoid the Gym “Fashion Show”

Another common reason people avoid the gym, especially those just starting on their fitness journey, is that it can be intimidating. Maybe you haven’t worked out before and have no idea how to use the equipment, or maybe you’re self-conscious and don’t want people watching you. No matter the reason, personal training at a private studio is the perfect solution. There’s only one person who matters during each session and that’s YOU!

During private sessions at Loyalty Fitness, your personal trainer takes out all of the guess work by setting up each piece of equipment with the weight and settings that are right for your body. They are there to make sure that each movement is done correctly so you’re less prone to injury; they are in charge of the time and reps so there’s no “cheating”; and there is no one else in the studio as you’re working out, making it a truly judgement-free zone.

No matter what your fitness goals are, how much you weigh, or how old you are, personal training is a great choice for anyone tired of the traditional gym experience. With Loyalty Fitness you can fall in love with working out, or at the very least fall in love with your stronger body! Contact us today to book your first personal training session with our certified trainers.

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