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Benefits of Personal Training for Special Populations: Part Two

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Personal Training

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In our previous article, we discussed how strength training can benefit everyone, including special populations such as seniors, pre- and post-natal women, and those who are recovering from injury or participating in post-surgery rehabilitation.

Now, we continue to highlight our commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive environment for all special populations to participate in and benefit from our personal training programs.

In the following article, we’ll demonstrate how our certified personal trainers use their skills and knowledge to safely and effectively train youth as well as children and adults with disabilities.

Personal Training for Youth (16 and Under)

As we mentioned in our previous article, building and maintaining body strength is extremely important during our entire lifespan. However, strength training programs need to be modified to best suit our various life stages. Much like certain exercises and activities need to be adjusted for seniors to avoid injury and adapt to their level of mobility, the same is true for youth.

While many parents and guardians may have safety concerns about strength training programs for preadolescents and adolescents, studies conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Sports Medicine demonstrate that “with proper technique and strict supervision” these programs are safe and beneficial for these age groups.

To ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury, our certified trainers create strength training programs that are personalized for each preadolescent and adolescent client.

After reviewing a medical evaluation provided by the client’s pediatrician or primary care physician, the trainer develops a program that combines appropriate body weight exercises (planks, push-ups, pull-ups), strength-training equipment (free/machine weights, light resistance bands), and aerobic exercises (walking, jogging, bicycling) to strengthen the client’s muscles and bones, protect their muscles and joints from everyday play and/or sports-related injury, lower the risk of diabetes, and maintain healthy body weight and blood pressure.

Our youth-centric strength training programs never push the client past their limitations and can be adjusted at any time to ensure the client’s safety and maximize effectiveness.

Personal Training for Children and Adults With Special Needs

There are many local and government disability programs for children and adults with special needs that cover a wide variety of everyday necessities. Many of these programs focus on essential cognitive skills and functions such as social interaction, education and careers training. Yet, one of the most important areas of concern for children and adults with special needs is overlooked: personal fitness.

This lack of exercise and fitness resources for people with special needs is extremely unfortunate considering that the CDC states that these special populations are at greater risk for obesity and preventable health issues. Since these children and adults are more susceptible to these health concerns, they need access to exercise and fitness programs that keep them active and support healthy lifestyle goals.

Although some communities may lack access to adaptive exercise and fitness programs, children and adults with special needs can benefit from an alternate resource: a certified personal trainer.

As with other special populations, certified trainers can create a customized fitness program that matches each client’s needs and health goals based on their age and abilities. As they are certified to provide these services to special populations, trainers first assess each individual client’s skills. This helps them determine if the client understands instructions and if they can properly perform certain exercises.

After the assessment tests are completed, the trainer will modify all exercises and activities to meet the individual client needs. If a client is incapable of performing a certain activity in a certain way, the trainer will either modify the exercise to accommodate the client; or they may replace the exercise with another one for the time being until they are able to properly complete the movement.

To ensure client safety at all times, the trainer makes it a priority to properly assess the client at their first training session to keep the workout appropriate based on the client’s age and ability level. They supervise every aspect of the fitness program and only use equipment and exercises that meet the client’s physical and sensory needs. In order to make each client feel more comfortable and in control, the trainer will communicate all instructions clearly and provide compassionate coaching to motivate them during the duration of their session. And above all, a certified trainer listens to the client at all times so that their experience is as safe, effective and enjoyable as possible.

By participating in a personalized training program, children and adults with special needs can improve their physical, mental and behavioral health. In addition to increasing their strength, stamina and resistance, clients may also benefit from improved cardiovascular functions, healthy weight maintenance, increased independence, enhanced energy and mood, a boosted immune system, and reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes.

As you can see, exercise is vital for everyone. To ensure that every member of our community has access to first-rate fitness and exercise programs, Loyalty Fitness is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment in our Greenwich, CT or Syosset, NY locations. Our certified trainers will work closely with each individual client to create a personalized program that meets their individual needs and promotes their specific health goals.

If you have any questions about the benefits of personal training for special populations today, please contact us at your convenience!

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