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Benefits of Personal Training for Special Populations: Part One

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Fitness for Older Adults, Personal Training

A senior woman strength training at a Loyalty Fitness gym.

One of the most common misconceptions about strength training is that it isn’t designed for everyone. That’s a false assumption. If anything, strength training has evolved to be more inclusive and welcoming of everyone and anyone who is eager to benefit from regular fitness and exercise especially when working with a personal trainer.

Loyalty Fitness is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in personal training. It’s why our trainers provide personal training programs for special populations who require a higher form of modification to make workouts fit their individual needs. Using their skills and knowledge, our certified personal trainers safely and effectively train individuals with medical conditions, disorders, disabilities, and transient conditions (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, postpartum).

In this first half of a two-part article, we’ll discuss the many ways our specialized personal training programs for seniors, pre- and post-natal women, and those recovering from injury benefit these individuals and the many ways we ensure their safety during each session.

Personal Training for Seniors

Body strength is important at any age. However, it’s especially crucial during the aging process. Strength training has been scientifically proven to reduce mortality rates and even cancer mortality rates. It can also decrease inflammation and improve mood, stamina, and mobility. As we age, our strength and muscle mass starts to diminish (if you don’t use it, you lose it). When our strength decreases it affects our ability to perform everyday activities such as walking, going up and down the stairs, house work, and lifting. If these activities are severely impacted, opportunities to live independently are limited.

Since most seniors would prefer to live independently for as long as possible, it’s important for them to participate in a regular exercise routine to maintain their strength. Yet, some of the exercises and activities that they previously performed may actually do more harm than good. To avoid injury, it’s extremely important for seniors to participate in exercise routines that are aligned with their age and conditions.

Instead of developing an exercise routine on their own (and running the risk of injury), seniors can benefit from working with a personal trainer. Professional trainers with special population certification develop personalized programs that focus on specific goals (strength, balance, coordination) by using age/condition-appropriate exercises that align with seniors’ individual needs.

By developing these programs, trainers ensure their senior clients safety by having them perform exercises that are not above their capabilities. Plus, their supervision and attentiveness allows personal trainers to make any necessary adjustments or modifications in real-time to provide the most effective and safe exercise program for their senior clients.

Personal Training for Pre- and Post-natal Women

Enjoying an active lifestyle doesn’t have to end with pregnancy. In fact, staying active is a wonderful way to encourage a more healthy pregnancy. However, some exercise modifications may need to take place during pregnancy to ensure the safety of the mother and baby.

Following the recommended guidelines established by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), certified personal trainers design regimes that meet the client’s individual needs and goals during every stage of pregnancy. Through these customized and evolving programs, pregnant clients perform exercises designed to provide a more pleasant childbirth experience while avoiding damage to the pelvic floor and injury to ligaments and tendons in the joints.

Depending on the specific stage of pregnancy, the trainer introduces exercises that safely and effectively strengthen hip and pelvic floor muscles, build core strength and produce better breathing techniques to assist in childbirth.

After pregnancy, a personal trainer creates a personalized plan that not only helps clients achieve goals such as weight loss, but it also helps heal abdominal separation, restore strength, and improve circulation. By working with a personal trainer, postpartum clients rebound from pregnancy in greater time, enjoy increased stamina, and can more easily return to their pre-pregnancy active lifestyle. Exercise during this time is also essential for mental health and to help treat/avoid possible postpartum depression/anxiety.

Personal Training for Injury Recovery or Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Rebuilding strength after experiencing an injury is not always an easy or simple process. There are often hurdles to get over and adjustments to be made. When clients are not fully aware of their limitations, they could risk further injury and impede the recovery process. Other clients may be too cautious in their activities and prolong the rehabilitation process. Unfortunately, many clients may feel so frustrated due to their limitations and perceived lack of progress that they stop their strength-building exercise entirely.

A great way for clients to stay motivated, positive and regain their strength after injury or surgery is to partner with a personalized trainer. After consulting with a client’s doctor or rehabilitation therapist, a certified personal trainer will understand the client’s capabilities and limitations. With this information in mind, the trainer creates a personalized exercise plan that accommodates the client’s degree of movement while working hand in hand with their medical provider/physical therapist to keep everyone up to speed during the recovery process.

Since no two clients, injuries, surgeries or recoveries are the same, a personalized trainer communicates with the client before, during and after every session to evaluate the situation and, if necessary, modify the exercises in real time. This not only helps reduce the risk of injury to the client, but it also helps the trainer adjust the program and intensity accordingly depending on how the client is feeling and progressing.

These are just three of the special population categories that can benefit from personalized training from the professionals at Loyalty Fitness. Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we will focus on training adults and youths with disabilities.

Until then, if you would like to speak with our team about the benefits of personal training for special populations today or any time, please contact us at your convenience! Book your free session at our Greenwich, CT or Syosset, NY location to get started today.

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