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Your Nutrition is Unique to You

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Nutrition

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Everybody is different and that means that everyone’s fitness and nutrition needs aren’t exactly the same. Fine-tuning a custom nutrition and workout plan with a personal fitness and nutrition coach can allow you to give your unique body exactly what it needs to be healthy and succeed!  Because each body is unique, the amount of calories and type of nutrition that each needs to perform optimally is different. Finding out what works best for your body, including calorie intake and output and how genetics play a role, is key into leading a healthy lifestyle. The caloric intake of an elite athlete differs drastically from a casual fitness enthusiast because the demand on their bodies is unique. By working with a nutrition specialist, you’ll be able to determine what works for you!


Age Makes a Difference

Another differentiating factor in nutrition is the specific period of your life. The nutritional needs of someone at 30 can be quite different from someone at 70. Eating healthy becomes even more important as you get older. As you age, your body goes through several changes that can impact how nutrients are absorbed. For example, some people experience lowering stomach acid when they age, which can cause nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and magnesium to be poorly absorbed and distributed throughout the body. Focusing on eating fresh, whole foods can combat these issues. You may also need to add a supplement to your diet to ensure that you’re getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients, those recommendations can come from your Doctor.


Cancel Those Processed Carbs

Eating whole foods benefits all ages! Your body needs a foundation of quality nutrition in order to perform at its best – whether that’s when you’re training or simply participating in everyday life. Quality meat, vegetables, and some fruit should make up the bulk of your diet with a little room for some limited processed foods. Diets don’t work long-term and focusing on building a healthy approach to nutrition is a lifestyle. Moderation is important and each person must determine the amount of calories coming in versus the number going out – this is how you maintain a healthy weight for your specific body!


Work With a Nutrition Professional

Since everyone is different, getting professional help with nutrition is key. You can do lots of research and think you’re feeding your body appropriately, but in actuality be following a nutritional plan for another type of body! Getting help from a fitness and nutrition coach to figure out what works best for YOU can truly be a game changer. If you have questions about nutrition or strength training, let the professionals at Loyalty Fitness help!

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