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Loyalty Fitness Reopening

by | May 15, 2020 | Personal Training

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Loyalty Fitness is Back!

The health and safety of our clients have and always will be a top priority for us here at Loyalty Fitness. We wanted to share with you our plans for re-opening the studios so that we can all enjoy working out together once again.

Cleanliness in our workout facility is something we have always taken seriously and it’s one of the main advantages of working out in a private studio. Both our Syosset and Greenwich studios are well stocked with disinfecting supplies and we are 100% focused on keeping our clients and staff safe. As always, we are operating by appointment only and one client/trainer at a time. We ask those waiting to remain in their car until we call or text, this will ensure that we keep traffic limited and have completed cleaning and disinfecting the equipment and workout area before you enter the studio.

Below we have outlined our plan for ensuring our studios are disinfected and ready for our Loyalty Fitness clients. Mindy would love to hear your feedback and will be reaching out to every client this week in preparation for reopening. Please feel free to contact her at anytime at 619-674-7900.


Post COVID-19 Reopening Protocol

Monitor your health if you suspect any symptoms or your household family has symptoms STAY HOME


New Studio Protocols

  • Trainers will take their temperature from home before coming to work and client’s temperature before entering the studio
  • Trainers will wear face masks or face coverings
  • We are operating by appointment and one-on-one only (only 1 client and 1 trainer in the studio at a time)
  • A cleaning service cleans the building nightly
  • We are disinfecting all equipment, door handles, water cooler (everything touched) and spraying the room with disinfectant after each client and again at the end of each day



  • Wash hands before entering the studio
  • Wash hands after the workout



  • If you prefer to wear gloves please wear disposable gloves and use a new pair each time you workout, gloves that have been exposed in other environments are not allowed in the studio


Water bottles and cups cannot be refilled with the water cooler

  • If you use a cup DO NOT refill the cup, use a new cup
  • If you have a water bottle it is best to bring it full from home


Personal Workout Towels

  • Keep on your person while working out
  • Do not sit your towels on any equipment or shelves


Changing Room

  • Everything needs to stay in your bag
  • If it is possible please arrive in the clothes and shoes you will be working out in, this will help save time between clients and help avoid long delays


Limited Traffic in the Studio

  • Remain in your car or outside until your trainer calls or texts you
  • Clients must leave immediately after their workout
  • The trainer cannot bring in the next client until everything, including the changing room, has been disinfected
  • Children will not be allowed into the studio

***We are going to do our best to move quickly between clients, please be patient and aware that it may take a few minutes longer between clients due to extra cleaning protocols and limited traffic in the studio.


What You Can Do to Help

Arrive on time and in the clothes/shoes you are going to workout in, with a full water bottle

Thank you all for keeping the studio a safe place! We appreciate your continued dedication to your health with Loyalty Fitness!

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