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How To Maintain Your Health And Wellness Routine While Vacationing

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Uncategorized

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“I need a vacation!” 

That’s a phrase we’re sure you’ve said on many occasions. From stressful days at work or busy weeks spent taking care of personal and family obligations, you just need to take a break and recalibrate.

While vacations provide that much-needed relief from your everyday stresses, they can also distract you from your health and wellness goals. Too often many vacationers also take a break from exercising and eating healthy.

If you’re worried about straying too far from your healthy habits, we’ll show you some of the best ways to maintain your health and wellness routine while you’re on vacation! 

Take Your Exercise Essentials With You 

Taking a road trip this summer? Then be sure to save some space in your truck for your exercise equipment! 

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to pack your weight bench or any of the big stuff. Still, there’s plenty of room to include some travel-sized exercise equipment so you can workout during your vacation:

  • Neoprene dumbbell set
  • Resistance bands
  • Exercise mat
  • Inflatable stability ball (and pump)
  • Jump rope 
  • Goggles (in case plan to swim in a pool, ocean or lake) 

In addition to the items above, you’ll want to pack your workout clothes and footwear, and your fitness tracker watch. Even if you’re not using your own vehicle to travel, the items above are lightweight and compact enough to easily store in your carry-ons and luggage for air and train travel.

Take Advantage Of Fitness Centers   

One of the best travel accommodation trends in recent years is the addition of onsite fitness centers. 

Recognizing the importance of everyday exercise to their clients, many resorts, hotel chains and cruise lines now include fitness centers among their list of amenities. Some are pretty simple with a few treadmills and exercise bikes. Others are fully equipped with equipment, free weights, yoga studios and more. Even rental homes and other vacation rental alternatives offer access to exercise equipment! 

When vacation lodgings feature an onsite fitness center or exercise equipment it allows you to conveniently maintain your fitness routine at any time during your vacation. 

You don’t have to worry about packing your equipment (or making excuses for not exercising). Simply dedicate some time each day when you’re most likely to get a workout in- like first thing in the morning before you hit the beach (and before it gets too hot). Best of all, when rainy days cancel your beach or sightseeing time, you can spend some time getting a workout in! 

If you’re still planning your summer vacation, look for lodgings that include a fitness center or workout space to ensure you retain your routine.

Use What’s Around You 

When you get away, do you really get away from it all? 

Find a campsite, lake or National Park that’s off the beaten path. No cell signals. No wi-fi. No neighbors. No distractions. A complete removal from the everyday craziness. And the more remote the location the better! If that’s your idea of a dream vacation, that’s great! In fact, it gives you plenty of time and opportunity to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities that help maintain your health and wellness. 

Although you may not have access to a fitness center or exercise equipment, you can use what’s around you to maintain your routine. No dumbbells and free weights? No worries! Find some fallen branches and rocks that are of equal weight (and easy to handle) and use them as substitutes. Or just use your body weight! Find a strong sturdy branch and use it for your pull-ups. Do your push-ups and sit-ups on the beach, in the grass or on the river banks. 

Fill your day with outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Meditate with only the sounds of nature in the background. Need to run to town for supplies? Bike or walk instead of drive. 

Although you may be removed from your everyday surroundings and routine, you can rely on these natural elements to invigorate you and support your health and wellness journey.  

Don’t Stray Too Far From Your Eating Habits

Your vacation is a necessary break from your busy everyday schedule and to-do list. No work (hopefully). No running errands. No projects around the house. 

Although you’re on a break from the ordinary, it doesn’t mean you should take a break altogether from healthy eating. Sure, it’s ok to indulge in some dessert after dinner or take a little extra from the buffet. Yet, you shouldn’t make a habit of straying too far from your everyday diet. Even though vacations are brief, they can be long enough to affect your weight loss goals and general wellbeing. 

Though it may be tempting to divert from your healthy diet, the end results aren’t worth it. Maintain your health and wellness by continuing to be mindful of what you eat. Try not to obsess or restrict yourself too much, but some basic guidelines to follow are: drink plenty of water first thing in the morning and throughout the day (especially if indulging in some alcoholic beverages), fill your plate with protein, greens, some starchy veggies, and fresh fruit, and occasionally enjoy that ice cream or apple pie treat. Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up if you happen to over indulge. Just try and do better at your next meal! After all… you are on vacation!

Schedule Virtual Training with Loyalty Fitness 

Following the steps above can keep your fitness, nutrition and wellness goals on track while you’re vacationing. However, if you’re a Loyalty Fitness client, you have an extra advantage over everyone else: Virtual Training! Whether you’re on vacation, frequently traveling for business or visiting out-of-state family and friends, you can schedule a virtual training session with our team. 

Unlike other virtual sessions, ours are not taped or part of a group session. They’re live, one-on-one sessions with a certified trainer and minimal equipment if need be! With these virtual sessions, you can maintain your routine anywhere: hotel rooms, poolside, the backyard, and even the beach! You’ll never miss a session when you’re vacationing or traveling.

Now that you know some of the best ways to continue your health and wellness routine while on vacation, you’re ready to hit the road! If you’d like to learn more about managing your health goals while away from home or to speak with a trainer about scheduling a virtual training session, please contact us today!

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