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What is Nutrition Coaching and How Can It Help

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

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You are what you eat! 

No doubt you’ve heard that phrase for as long as you can remember. Unlike a lot of those well-worn expressions, this one is grounded in fact. The food we eat is essential to our health, well-being and longevity. And what better time than NOW to really dial in on your nutrition with the holiday season quickly approaching!

Did you know that 330 billion of our cells are replaced daily? That is equivalent to about 1 percent of all our cells. So in 80 to 100 days, 30 trillion cells will have replenished—the equivalent of a new you. What do you think those cells are made of? Yup- the food you consume! 

A diet that’s rich with nutritious foods protects us from a number of health risks. On the other hand, a diet that lacks nutritional value leaves us vulnerable to illness, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other serious health problems. 

While many people believe the answer to good nutrition is found in trendy diets, calorie counting apps or meal plan programs, those options are limited in their effectiveness. While they may be conducive to achieving short-term goals in a small amount of time, they’re not sustainable long term.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength or make a major lifestyle change to improve your overall health, having someone in your corner is the key to success! Someone to share the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals. A person who supports you every step of the way by motivating you and holding you accountable. 

Who can do these things? 

A nutrition coach!

In the following article, we’ll:

  • Explain the concept of nutrition coaching 
  • Demonstrate how these coaching services can help you achieve your goals
  • Highlight some of the health benefits of these services
  • Introduce you to our new Nutrition Coaching service 

Ready to learn more about the value of nutrition coaching? Then read on! 

What is a Nutrition Coach? 

Before we explain how a nutrition coach can help you, let’s first explain what a nutrition coach is.

While nutrition coaches, nutritionists and dieticians are often identified as different titles for the same role, that’s a common misconception. In fact, all three roles are unique. 

Nutritionists work with their clients to develop a diet that best treats their specific health conditions. 

Registered dieticians help their clients manage and/or improve their serious medical conditions by designing meal plans that aid in these areas. 

Nutrition coaches evaluate their clients’ lifestyle, educate them about proper nutrition and its many benefits, assist them in identifying specific health goals, and support their efforts to achieve those goals by helping to establish healthy habits and keeping them accountable. 

How Does Nutrition Coaching Help? 

As we mentioned in the introduction, nutrition coaching isn’t focused on quick fixes and fad diets that deliver short-term results. 

A nutrition coaches’ objectives are to assess the client’s current lifestyle and then provide the client with the knowledge, tools, and sustainable plans to make more nutritious food choices, develop better and more consistent health habits, and improve their overall quality of life. 

To accomplish these objectives, a nutrition coach works with each client to develop a customized plan that suits their specific needs.  

First, a nutrition coach meets with a client to learn more about their lifestyle. During this phase, the nutrition coach gains a better understanding of the client’s current eating habits, food preferences, calorie intake, daily schedule, family life, exercise routines, stress levels, and sleep habits. If the client is currently working with a dietician or nutritionist to treat an existing medical condition, the coach takes this information into account and may even work alongside that professional as well.

Using the information gathered from the assessment, the coach develops a customized nutrition plan for the client. To introduce foods that are more nutrient dense, the plan emphasizes the importance of consuming whole, clean, organic foods while limiting processed foods as much as possible. 

Since this plan may be a bit different from the client’s previous and current habits, the coach lends support by assisting with grocery shopping and food recommendations and introducing meal planning and prepping methods to help develop better habits. 

In addition, the coach also highlights the importance of portion control, eating a variety of foods, being mindful of how often you eat and when, and reading food labels to identify favorable and unfavorable ingredients. (Though ideally, most of the food you eat won’t have any ingredient labels!) 

Frequent check-ins with the coach help keep the client on track and hold them accountable; they are with you every step of the way. It’s like having a guide in your pocket at all times who offers advice, tips, encouragement, and motivation boosts while you navigate your new lifestyle changes and healthy habit development.

What are the Benefits of Nutrition Coaching Services? 

By following their custom plan, a client is not only more inclined to meet their goals, they’ll also enjoy an array of additional health benefits.

As previously mentioned, poor nutrition leads to poor health. 

However, proper nutrition contributes to a wealth of health benefits, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Heart and brain health
  • Better quality sleep
  • Immune system support
  • Blood sugar management
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • Hormone balance and regulation
  • Brighter, clearer skin

Additionally, healthy and balanced nutrition is also key for helping bodies perform better and recover quicker after exercise routines and strength training sessions. 

Plus, good nutrition boosts fertility, improves pregnancy symptoms, and greatly supports the mother’s physical and mental health in the pre and postnatal period. 

Achieve Your Lifestyle Goals with Loyalty Fitness’ Nutrition Coaching Service 

Clearly, good nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. 

Yet, maintaining a clean and balanced nutrition regime requires lifestyle changes. Overcoming obstacles like long standing habits is extremely difficult for many. 

Our Nutrition Coaching service is designed to help clients overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals. 

Each of our professional nutrition coaches works with their clients to create a customized plan, teach them the skills they need to make more informed food choices while holding them accountable, and help them develop healthy and sustainable habits so they can enjoy a plethora of amazing benefits. 

Whether they’re making a major lifestyle change, looking to optimize their strength training program, or just want to feel and look better, our Nutrition Coaching service is the perfect solution!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of clean, balanced nutrition and get some healthy, sustainable habits in place before the holidays?

Contact us today to learn more about our Nutrition Coaching service!

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